Eurocebollas is a company located in south-east Spain and its main activity is the manufacture of ready-to-use onions. The company is a pioneer in the onion market. It has always been the leading company in the sector since its creation in the 1980s and is the only company in the country exclusively dedicated to handling processed onions. With a production capacity of 300 tonnes per day of finished product, we export 23% of our production, mainly to Europe, Asia and America.

We are privileged to have a highly qualified and experienced team of professionals whose working philosophy is oriented towards total quality. We are therefore certified with ISO 9001:2008, ISO 22000, ISO 14000 and BRC A grade.

The company ´s array of produce includes industrial catering and retail. The company basically peals, cuts and cooks onions with a shelf life and quality that fresh or frozen onions can´t achieve.
In all Eurocebollas produces more than 150 tons per day.
“ We can maintain the prices all year around, and we are here to help our clients find solutions to meet their needs and grow with them. We compete by being more reactive to clients needs than larger companies, which move slower and have more red tape. We have a fairly flat structure and can device solutions faster.”


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