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Over the years frozen onions have been a solution to storing fresh onions but haven´t really replaced fresh onions.
Eurocebollas is a supplier and manufactuer of frozen onion and can offer it, even so, recommends the cooked version of the product for manufacturers , food service or retail as the frozen onion exture and fibers from the onion brake when freezing, as the water tends to expand in the onion like when freezing a bottle of water.
Frozen onions are definitely limp and weaker than fresh ones and also when cooking, frozen onion tends to disappear as it disintegrates.
Transport and storage costs of frozen onion are also to be considered as it they are quite high compared to ambient transport.
Eurocebolla´s onions became a substitute of frozen onion as they are peeled, diced and lightly fried for your convenience. The onions are cooked from fresh and have all the flavor of home cooked onions without the mess, fuss or tears. Ready to serve straight from the can/pouch, they are a perfect addition to your favorite dishes including pastas, casserole, risotto and quiches.
-Our product doesn´t have a conservation cost. no need of regrigerators (cost reduction)
- Our product is cooked from ambient temp. and not from frozen. (cost reduction)
- Onions expand their volume when they get frozen. Ours don´t.
- Frozen onions fibers brake when passing from frozen to cooking temp..
- Our cooked onion has its volume reduced, that means less weight and less transport, and frozen onion will reduce the volume when cooked.
- We need 2 kilograms of fresh onion to do 1 kg of cooked onion.
- Using 2 kilograms of frozen onion it turns to 1 kg when cooked.
- 1 kg of our product should be compared to 2 kg of frozen onion.
- Our product has a shelf life of 18months!


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