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Eurocebollas is a pioneer in the onion market. It has always been the leading company in the sector since its creation in the 1980s and is the only company in the country exclusively dedicated to handling processed onions. With a production capacity of 150 tonnes per day of finished product, we export 17% of our production, mainly to the French, English and Canadian markets.

Eurocebollas has developed a new concept in the manufacture and packaging of onions, ensuring that 100% of the product is useable. The product looses no versatility as there are different types of formats, types of cut and formulas.

Eurocebollas certifies the quality of its product by the ISO 9001:2008 quality seal. This is trusted by many food product manufacturers, both traditional and pioneering, as it helps them guarantee the highest quality and safety. The product is applicable to multiple sectors of the agro-food industry: in the meat sector for manufacturing sausages; in the prepared dishes sector for omelettes, sauces, broths, gazpachos, pizza, etc. In the baking industry, packaged onion is an important ingredient in Galician pies, pasties and pistos.


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